Break Time – Project Euler

Things have slowed down for me after the release of the new Tony Hawk.  I find myself having more time to myself instead of working on some next big project.  Taking this into positive light, I’ve started looking into brushing up my programming skills.  I wasn’t sure I wanted to get a big personal project rolling, so I searched for some programming exercises online.  I came across Project Euler, which is this nifty math questions that can be solved with pen and paper, but go by extremely faster with programming.  I started working on some of these problems, and fell in love with it.  It pretty much mixes my old love for math with growing my programming skills.  I added my profile badge on the right menu, but I’ll include it in this post as well.  At the time of writing, I’ve completed 5 of the 391 problems.  I may also create a page in the future that houses my solutions for each problem.


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